Great News!

A new version of the Nitelog app is now available on iTunes Store. This new version is compatible with the latest iOS 9 operating system for iPhone and iPad. Nitelog is a mobile app that allows you to remote-control your Z1 Auto, program settings, and analyze your sleep data from anywhere. It also gives you the control to share your sleep data directly from your iOS mobile device.

Please be sure that you follow these steps for proper installation:

  1. Delete the previous version of Nitelog from your iPhone and/or iPad. (Tap and hold the Nitelog app icon until all the icons wiggle. Press the X in the circle at the corner of the icon to delete.) Note: the past data still exists in the Z1 Auto. So it will still be there once you resync with the new app.
  2. Reboot your iPhone and/or iPad.
  3. Go to the iTunes Store and search for «Nitelog.»
  4. Install the new version of Nitelog on your iPhone/ iPad.
  5. Reconnect the iPhone/iPad to the Z1 Auto using Bluetooth. (+ sign upper left of first screen)
  6. Sync your iPhone and/or your iPad with your Z1 Auto. (Press the green circle with the circular arrow at the bottom of the chart screen.)