Breas Medical 25 Year Anniversary

2016 is a milestone year for Breas Medical celebrating its 25 Year Anniversary.  From humble beginnings in 1991 in Sweden, Breas has grown into a global respiratory medical device company. “It has been a fantastic journey”, says Ulf Jönsson, Managing Director of Breas and one of the founders of the company, “we have always been driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, closeness to our customers and the vision to improve the quality of life of patients with respiratory disorders”.

With a focus on users, medical staff and homecare providers, Breas has built a track record of developing innovative solutions for homecare ventilation that make treatment more effective, easier or less costly. Moreover, attractive Swedish  [or Scandinavian] design has always been a signature of the Breas products.

Since February 2014, Breas Medical is an affiliate of PBM Capital Group based in Charlottesville, VA, USA. The Breas Medical Group consists of Breas, Human Design Medical (USA) and B&D Electromedical (UK).  Breas successfully markets the Vivo and iSleep product ranges with the latest introduction of the Vivo 60 life support (pediatric capable) ventilator. Human Design Medical has developed the Z1 CPAP, redefining CPAP use in terms of size, weight, portability and connectivity. B&D Electromedical is the leading ventilator company in the UK with the Nippy brand and unsurpassed customer support. The Breas Medical Group has a rich pipeline of new products and will remain in the forefront of ventilation therapy. Altogether, Breas Medical is a global company selling in more than 40 countries through a network of subsidiaries (Sweden, UK, France, Spain, Germany, USA) and highly specialized distributors.

The nearly 150 Breas employees are the backbone of the company.  The employees are the best in the industry and their passion for patients and customers shows in how they approach customer service, product development, manufacturing, sales, marketing, quality and service.

Breas 25th anniversary year will be an exciting year. Multiple product launches are planned and there are many growth opportunities in Europe, US and other countries around the world. “There are hundreds of thousands of patients who have benefited from using a Breas medical device.  We look forward to celebrating another 25 years and supporting millions of new patients,” says Damian deGoa, President and CEO. “Together we will have a great 2016 and a bright future ahead of us.”