Breas Medical introduces the Z1™, the world’s smallest and most portable CPAP machine

Mölnlycke, Sweden, 2 June , 2014 — On Monday 2 June 2014, Breas Medical releases one of the most versatile cpap devices ever in Europe and other markets outside the USA. The Z1 was developed and successfully launched in the USA by Human Design Medical (HDM), which is now a division of Breas. The Z1 is a new innovative cpap device that is lighter, smaller, quieter and more integrated than other cpap machines and is can truly help changing the rules of design, portability and user experience in the cpap industry.

This revolutionary device fits in the palm of your hand and weighs an exceptionally light 284 grams. It is the ultimate solution for cpap users who travel. Unlike most cpap machines that require a separate carrying case, the Z1 doesn’t need additional bags. You can even use the Z1 on the plane.

The Z1 has an optional PowerShellTM that houses an integrated lithium ion battery module within a convenient neoprene case. It delivers at least 8 hours of air without external power. If there is a power outage, the Z1 automatically transfers over to battery power so patients can continue their sleep without interruption. It also provides an ideal solution for camping, or any other lifestyle activities where external power sources are limited or not available.

«We have had some of the brightest minds in Boston using the most advanced technology to make the Z1 available. We want users to have success with their therapy and we think the Z1 offers the kind of simplicity and integration that users want,» says Kevin Librett, SVP Global R&D.

The Z1 has many advanced features including Bluetooth technology and the Z-BreatheTM algorithm that learns from your breathing pattern and relieves pressure on exhalation. The unit offers data viewing software that gives users valuable feedback on their therapy. The Z1 will work with any cpap mask on the market and has a robust three-year warranty.

“HDM is reinterpreting what an innovative medical device company should represent: delivering smaller devices, improved usability and a relentless pursuit of human focused design”, says President and CEO Nicke Svanvik. “The combination of HDM and Breas makes a very strong and creative company”, Svanvik continues. “Our combined business now enters into a new era and we see very bright future ahead of us. The introduction of the Z1 in the USA surpassed all our expectations and Breas will expand our success to Europe and other markets around the world.”

The Z1 will be offered through the Breas subsidiaries, preferred partners and through a network of specialized (internet) resellers. Consumers can buy the Z1 directly at

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For more information, please visit or or contact VP Marketing and Product Management Sebastian Mommers, at +46 706 22 99 08 —

Breas Medical AB, located in Mölnlycke Sweden, is a leading company in home mechanical ventilation. With more than 20 years of experience, Breas has a proven track record of developing innovative solutions for homecare ventilation. Since February 2014, Breas Medical is an affiliate of PBM Capital Group based in Charlottesville, VA, USA.

HDM is an innovator in lifestyle medical devices. HDM is now part of Breas Medical. Z1 is a registered trademark of Human Design Medical, LLC.

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