Mölnlycke, 26 May 2014

Breas Medical introduces Vivo* 60, a versatile life support home ventilator designed for comfortable and reliable ventilation in the patient’s home and in mobile and hospital environments. ‘After a highly successful introduction in a first wave of countries, we now passed the milestone of global release1’ says Nicke Svanvik, President and CEO of Breas Medical. ‘Vivo 60 combines Clinical Excellence, Versatility and Low Cost of Ownership, which makes it an excellent choice for patients, medical professionals and homecare providers’.
Thanks to a wide choice of modes and settings, Vivo 60 can cover a broad range of diseases and matches the needs of individual patients. Vivo 60 is intended for adult and pediatric (>5 kg) patients and is able to measure exhaled volumes. Both dual limb and single limb circuits (with exhalation valve or leakage port) can be used, making Vivo 60 truly versatile. Extensive monitoring solutions provide detailed insight into the quality of ventilation, while the very low noise level and attractive Scandinavian design make Vivo 60 the ideal choice for the home. ‘There are many advantages of treating patients at home’, Svanvik continues, ‘patients are more comfortable and it is more advantageous from a health economic perspective’.

Breas has a history of developing homecare ventilation solutions with the user in mind. ‘We like to do things differently and are known for finding smart solutions’, Per Woxenius, R&D Manager, explains. ‘Examples are the intuitive user interface and home- adjust mode. Our philosophy is to adjust the ventilator to the patient instead of the patient to the ventilator. The technical challenge with Vivo 60 was to develop the technology needed to precisely measure exhaled volumes as small as 50 ml in the exhalation valve. Our engineering team succeeded to do so developing a Smart Valve** with a state of the art Turbulator** technology.’

Vivo 60 is the latest homecare ventilator in the highly successful Vivo range, consisting of Vivo 30, Vivo 40 and Vivo 50. Breas can offer a ventilator for nearly every type of respiratory deficiency patient making the Vivo range an ideal choice for hospitals, care facilities and homecare providers.
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For more information, please visit vivo60.com or breas.com or contact marketing manager Sebastian Mommers, at +46 706 22 99 08 — Sebastian.mommers@breas.com.

Breas Medical AB, located in Mölnlycke Sweden, is a leading company in home mechanical ventilation. Breas has a proven track record of developing innovative solutions for homecare ventilation. Since February 2014, Breas Medical is an affiliate of PBM Capital Group based in Charlottesville, VA, USA.

*Vivo by Breas is a trademark of Breas Medical AB.

1) Vivo 60 is CE-marked in compliance with the Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC). Availability may be subject local registration requirements. Please contact your Breas representative for more information about the introduction in any specific country.

**Patent pending

Vivo 60

DOCC1523770 / 17 March 2014

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