Release of Firmware Upgrade on

June 2, 2015

We hereby announce the release of the new Firmware Upgrade for Z1 on

The new Firmware version includes a new additional Z-Breathe setting, CPAP 3, designed to better meet the needs of larger individuals, typically having greater lung capacity.

Z-Breathe is a proprietary algorithm engineered in the Z1 to smooth out the breathing cycle while enjoying the benefits of CPAP therapy. Typically users experience pressure swings while breathing on a fixed pressure CPAP device. Pressure swings occur as a spike in pressure during exhalation and a drop in pressure during inhalation. Z-Breathe is designed to eliminate the spikes and drops while keeping the pressure constant, thereby delivering more comfortable therapy.

Pressure swings can vary between users and this is due to the lung capacity of the person breathing on the machine. Larger individuals will typically have greater lung capacity that will require a more aggressive setting and for this reason we have created 3 levels of Z-Breathe:

CPAP 1 offers mild pressure swing relief

CPAP 2 is the Default Setting and offers moderate pressure swing relief

CPAP 3 is the most aggressive setting for pressure swing relief

The new Upgrader is available on

Please note that this is not a mandatory upgrade. However, we always recommend that the latest version of the firmware is installed in our products.

For further information, please contact us at